Lush Ambrosia

Lush’s cosmetic team has been working together since 1978, originally established as Cosmetics to Go stationed in Poole, England.  They immediately developed a reputation as a hip new cosmetic shop. 

Due to a series of unfortunate events the company, Cosmetics to Go, went under.  But the group of cosmetologists gathered up the pieces and regained their footing to become and developed Lush.  Reclaiming their original location in Poole as well as over 370 more shortly after the company has grown to iconic proportions.

Lush Ambrosia promises to make mornings bearable for sensitive chins, and that’s exactly what it did for me. Ingredients include honey, oatmeal, Shea butter, cocoa butter, and glycerin for glide.  For a soothing perspective Ambrosia includes chamomile and marigold oils.

What’s not to like?
At about $8US for a 3.5 oz. container it’s a bargain available at Dapper beard.
Packaged with a flip top the container easily fits in the palm of my hand.  It’s right-sized for the purpose of shaving. 

A little goes a long way. Too much product will definitely go to waste, and clog your razor. I used about a quarters worth in my palm and rubbed into my beard with my fingertips. Rinse early and rinse often. Especially if you’re using a Fusion like I did. I have a thick beard, so I generally rinse every stroke regardless of what product I’m using. Don’t expect lather either since Ambrosia is water and oil based, so there aren’t any “soap” agents like lanolin to irritate or dry your precious face. End result for me was a comfortable close shave without irritation or burn.

Editor’s Note:
The Lush retail experience is a must see. If you really want to score points with your gal, take her with you for the full experience. If she’s never been to Lush, she’s in for a treat. And she’ll love you for it! Lush stores seem to be popping up all over. Go to their website to find at to find one nearest you. If you shop online, go to the “For Him” tab on the right side. Ambrosia should be the first product up for you. Lush REALLY needs to update this site and add a Search function.